Sherbert’s ‘Howzat’ Referred To Third Umpire


Australian band Sherbert’s 1976 appeal for a catch has been sent to the third umpire after on field officials could not decide if the batsmen was guilty of messing about.

“Please check hotspot to for any evidence that the striker is indeed the one,” said umpire Edward Mulry. “I’d also like you to check if any heads are undone.”

“I think the third umpire will be looking closely at everything the batsmen has done,” said commentator Dragan Finch. “He certainly seemed to fall for that line the bowler spun.”

Batsman Maxwell Merrit was lucky to survive an earlier chance after skying a hook shot with his score on seventy. Sherbert have already used up one review unsuccessfully after the third umpire concluded that summer love was in fact just like every other love.

“Hotspot shows a tickle down the leg which in my mind constitutes messing about,” said third umpire William Thorpe. “Now we know where we’re at. That’s that. It’s goodbye.”

Peter Green

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