Vegan Racist Appalled At Lack Of Appropriate Food Options At Cronulla BBQ

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As the fallout continues over Saturday’s failed Cronulla riot 10 year anniversary BBQ, the latest person to condemn the event is 26-year-old self-confessed racist vegan patriot Sherman Redneck, who slammed the organisers for a  lack of vegan options served at the BBQ.

Mr Redneck told The (un)Australian: “Saturday was really disappointing, all I wanted to do was sink a few cans with me mates while we shouted out racist stuff and ate good food.”

“But all they had was a pig on a spit and some bread rolls, no coleslaw, no salad. Would it have killed them to cook up some falafel or hummus?”

A spokesperson for the organisers of the BBQ responded to Mr Redneck’s claims, telling The (un)Australian: “Mate, we did try to get some salad and stuff but when we went to order it the dude saw our ‘F*ck off we’re Full’ t shirts and thought we weren’t hungry and wouldn’t serve us.”

Mr Redneck wanted to assure people that he did not starve on Saturday as on the way home from the bbq he called in to Habib’s Kebab shop and ordered a falafel roll with extra hummus.

Mark Williamson

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