Stoner Sloth To Join Forces With Seth Rogan For Pineapple Express 2


Fresh on the heels of his smash hit Internet comedy shorts for the NSW Government, it has been confirmed that Hollywood is calling for everyone’s favourite hilariously unmotivated mammal — with plans for Stoner Sloth to star alongside Seth Rogan in a sequel to Rogan’s 2008 “stoner buddy film” Pineapple Express.

Rogan has confirmed Stoner Sloth has been signed to co-star in Pineapple Express 2, with the actor and screenwriter telling The (un)Australian he’d been deeply impressed by Stoner Sloth’s performances in the NSW Government series: “That guy just nailed it. The whole bizarre groaning thing he does? Just comic genius.”

Rogan, who has built a career on playing the type of losers captured so well by Stoner Sloth, said: “It’s his great sense of timing that really does it for me. I mean, in that ‘family dinner’ sketch, he doesn’t just fail to ‘pass the salt’, but after drawing out all the comedy he can from failing to pick up the salt, as the tension rise to almost boiling point, he finally passes the salad!

“Haha, it’s just brilliant!  We’ve not seen ‘stoner comedy’ done that well since Cheech and Chong!”

The (un)Australian sought a comment from Stoner Sloth on his latest career new development, but his personal assistant said he was in a meeting with his accountant about which Caribbean Island tax haven to stash the earnings from his taxpayer-funded clips.

Carlo Sands

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