NASA On Verge Of Discovering Where The Moon Goes In The Daytime


US space agency NASA is confident that within the next ten years they will have solved the problem of what happens to the Moon during the day.

“It’s one of the enduring mysteries of the universe and pretty soon we’ll have a rocket that will fly high enough for us to see where the Moon goes once it disappears over the horizon,” said NASA’s Head of Braininess Dr Stella Tang. “The biggest problem with the Apollo missions were that we sent them to the Moon during the night and according to Buzz Aldrin, they never lost sight of the Earth the whole time they were up there.”

“Once we’ve solved the big technological hurdles like how to get farts out of space suits, I’d be willing to go back up there,” said Michael Collins, the astronaut who spent the Apollo 11 mission circling the moon looking for a parking spot. “But people have to remember that space exploration is very dangerous. It’s a little known fact that we almost starved to death during the first moon landing when we ran out of space food sticks on the flight home.”

NASA has discounted the theory that the moon is pulled across the sky on the back of some kind of chariot, or that the Moon and the Sun are the same object, but with the dimmer switch on so that kids can get some sleep at night.

“What really freaks us out are those times when the moon is clearly visible in the sky during the daytime,” said Collins. “I mean WTF? But the moon is only the beginning. I can see a time somewhere in the next century where we can launch a mission to realise Carl Sagan’s dream of finding out where the sun goes in the night.”

Peter Green

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