Pop Leaves Rice Bubbles To Pursue Solo Career


Sound effect Pop has announced he is leaving the long running breakfast cereal Rice Bubbles with the aim of establishing himself as a solo act.

“I’ve had many happy years as part of the Rice Bubbles, but I felt the time had come to follow a new direction from the rest of the guys,” said the yellow hat wearing member of the trio. “I can see myself as some kind of gluten free cereal in a large white bowl in a cafe with yoghurt on top and some fruit on the side. Maybe put together some cranberries and macadamia nuts as a backing group.”

“We’re sad to see Pop go but the Rice Bubbles are bigger than any one member and we’ll continue on without him,” said red and white stripey hatted front man Crackle. “Snap and I have already started auditioning a number of potential new sound effects to fill the gap.”

It is believed former Batman TV show sound effect Zappakapow is the front runner for the role, though Cadbury’s chocolate superstar Crunch has also been mooted as a possible third Bubble.

“We wish Pop all the best in his new career,” said white chef’s hat wearer Snap. “To be honest, Pop has always been a bit of a passenger and most kids put their ears down to the bowl to hear Crackle and myself doing our thing. I doubt he’ll even be missed.”

According to close friend Sam Toucan, the German third Rice Bubble known as Blarkkle will be filling in for the original Rice Bubbles until a permanent third member is found.

Peter Green

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