‘Pop-Up’ Dead Lizard Attracts Huge Crowd Of Ants


A “pop-up” dead lizard caused chaos on a Sydney footpath yesterday as hundreds of ants crowded around to take advantage of its appearance.

“I’ve been queuing up since six this morning hoping to get a tiny chunk to take back to the nest,” said Sydney ant Gilbert Thorax. “I hope there’s enough lizard to go around otherwise you’re going to see plenty of disappointed ants walking single file up the wall on the way home.”

“We never thought we’d attract a crowd this huge when we advertised the event by leaving a few chemical trails on social media,” said proprietor Doreen Mandible. “This has gone so well that I’m seriously considering putting on a pop-up dropped ice cream later on in the year.”

News of the lizard passed quickly through the ant community, leading to the abandonment of several nearby crumbs.

“I got here way too late and all that’s left is the dried out husk of lizard skin,” bemoaned hungry ant Stanley Petiole. “Excuse me while I go for a frantic run around in all directions to express my frustration.”

“Some ants just like to be seen trying the trendiest food,” said ant anthropologist Gladys Arthropod. “They scorn the boring worker ants dining at traditional ant eateries such as picnics.”

The lizard was reduced to a brown smudge on the footpath by mid afternoon and the ants were last seen heading in the direction of a fallen sausage roll.

Peter Green

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