New Harry Potter Novel Offers More Diversity To Be Retconned In Years After Being Published


Muggles everywhere exploded in sticky excitement after news that JK Rowling would be publishing a new Harry Potter novel broke yesterday. However, there was more good news for diversity buffs as Ms Rowling has since announced that the new novel would involve multiple characters from among the racial and sexuality spectrums, which she intends to retcon in, years after publishing the book.

In a press release posted on her website, Ms Rowling stated;

“Diversity has always held an important part in my work, why shouldn’t a kid coming to terms with their sexual identity have a strong wizarding role model, which they’ll learn they had when I tell them that Harry’s new boss, Hubert Remly, was always written as bi-sexual, I just never stated it in the book.

“There are black wizards, south Asian wizards, Jewish wizards, even a couple from Portugal. It’s very important to me that this new book continues to expand and diversify the universe I created, by giving me opportunities to talk about all the diverse wizards I could have written about but didn’t,” Ms Rowling expounded.

The book is expected to be published in July. The story picks up with a middle aged Harry Potter, now working for the Ministry of Magic as married father of three, who at the beginning of the book is living under the stairs at the Dursley’s house.

Matthew Farthing is the Literature Reporter for the (un)Australian. He always preferred Rowling’s detective books.

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