History Channel Already Preparing First “Trump Week” In Year 2086


Foxtel’s History Channel is starting to make a series of documentaries about presidential candidate Donald Trump in preparation for the inaugural “Trump Week” that will be a highlight of its programming schedule in the year 2086.

“We’re going to be way ahead of the game this time and already have several dozen film makers out and about shooting grainy black and white footage of Trump rallies,” said History Channel head of content Basil Pyramid. “We’re working on titles such as The Rise and Fall of the Trump, The Search For Trump Gold and The Plot To Kill Trump.”

“We expect the public of the late twenty-first century will have a fascination about how a person like Trump could have risen to power,” said History Channel executive Stacy Mako. “People will wonder how the average American didn’t know what was happening until it was too late to stop it. They’ll want to know why no-one told them that Trump was a dangerous lunatic.”

Comedy great Charlie Chaplin has also risen from the dead to make a silent slapstick comedy about a presidential candidate very similar to Trump called The Great Dickhead.

“We’ll be completely out of things to film about sharks by the middle of the century and hope that Trump docos will fill the void,” said History Channel marketing manager Jenny Bigfoot. “We expect the disembodied head of Rupert Murdoch which will be kept alive in a jar of chemicals to be very pleased with the results.”

Peter Green

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