AC/DC Guitarist Finally Graduates From School

Angus Young in action.

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young has graduated after 50 years of repeating sixth class due to failing grades caused by having to stay up all night playing in his band rather than doing his homework.

“For five decades now I’ve rushed straight from school to the sound check without having enough time to even get changed out of my school uniform,” said a proud Young as he clutched his diploma. “Unfortunately by the time I’ve played the gig, packed up the gear, signed a few autographs and chugged a full bottle of vodka I’m totally exhausted and haven’t had the inclination to tackle the 20-story problems that Miss Blakely has set for homework or got even a start on the ‘What I Did On My Holiday’ essay.”

“Being a rock star, Angus could easily have paid someone to do his homework for him but he’s an honest guy and cheating never crossed his mind,” said band member Brian Johnson. “Many times we’ve had to talk him out of quitting the band and taking up a paper round so he could have a bit of pocket money and a good night’s sleep.”

“Angus is always the first guy picked when we’re picking teams for a game of force um’s back because he can throw a tennis ball way further than anyone else in the class,” said classmate Douglas Allmark. “Plus he has the best pictures of groupies on his phone. But by two in the afternoon, he’s always sound asleep in his chair up the back of the room.”

After being taken to Mcdonald’s by his parents to celebrate finishing primary school, Young is hoping to get a job in the public service. At the next AC/DC concert he is expected to take to the stage dressed in a tie, chinos and clean white work shirt.

Peter Green

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