Eric Abetz Calls For A Plebiscite On Holding a Marriage Equality Plebiscite


Tasmanian Senator and the Coalition’s closest link to the Third Reich, Eric Abetz has demanded that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hold a plebiscite into whether or not a plebiscite should be held to allow marriage equality.

Speaking to The (un)Australian, Senator Abetz explained: “A lot of Australians who have spoken to me are unsure if they want a plebiscite into marriage equality, so naturally a plebiscite asking about a plebiscite is the natural solution. I mean who would have a problem with that, it’s democracy in action.”

In the event the two plebiscites passed and marriage equality made law, Senator Abetz also called for those who voted against marriage equality to be issued with a free packet of tissues as the thought of marriage equality may make them sad.

Said the Senator: “People need to think about people’s feelings, I know my good friend Fred Nile is stark raving mad at the thought of marriage equality. Won’t somebody think of Fred?”

Mark Williamson

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