Man’s Job Seems To Be Walking Around Shopping Centre Shouting Into Phone


A man’s job appears to consist of him spending eight hours a day shouting into his mobile phone, report regular users of the Chester Hill shopping centre.

“I’m not sure who he’s talking to or even if it’s the same person but apparently there’s going to be hell to pay when someone named ‘Sergei’ finds out what’s been going on,” said cafe customer Sam Whipple. “Whatever business he’s in and whatever role he plays is a mystery, but whatever it is he manages to be completely agitated for the entire course of his day”.

“I think he’s in some kind of construction job because he certainly isn’t happy with the quality of the work being performed by the person at the other end of the conversation,” said council ranger Gretchen Feester. “But whatever it is that’s gone wrong he’s made it abundantly clear that it’s their problem, not his.”

The man has been observed driving away from the shopping centre for brief periods of time in a black SUV but it is not known whether these trips are connected with the man’s threat that he won’t be at all pleased if he has to “come down there himself”.

“I’ve never been as mad about anything in my entire life as this guy seems to be on a regular basis from Monday to Friday,” said newsagent George Dzundza. “If I was the person on the other end I’d be lifting my game because they and everyone else in the shopping centre knows that they’ve run out of last chances.”

Peter Green

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