Liberal Senator Says Atheists Shouldn’t Get Penalty Rates For Religious Holidays

Eric Abetz

A Tasmanian senator has argued that atheists, agnostics and polytheists should not be entitled to penalty rates for working religious holidays. The former employment and workplace relations minister Eric Abetz made the helpful contribution at a Liberal Party branch meeting in Tasmania over the long weekend.

In an impassive and measured speech, Mr Abetz argued that the impasse on non-Abrahamic voters to work on Christmas, Easter Sunday and Good Friday was insignificant as they held no great religious attachment to the date. Senator Abetz went on to liken atheists receiving penalty rates on Good Friday to Western Australian’s receiving penalty rates on Melbourne Cup Day.

“The concept of penalty rates is to compensate workers for working unsociable or undesirable hours,” said the former minister, adding: “It is not logical for irreligious, or Godless Australians to be paid exorbitant amounts for what is essentially a regulation day of work.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has rushed to congratulate his former cabinet colleague on what he described as a “selfless and courageous” contribution to the policy debate. Mr Abbott added that Prime Minister Turnbull was fortunate to have such agile and innovative policy ideas from his backbench.

Nathan Lentern

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10 replies

  1. Reblogged this on sand49 and commented:
    Not sure if this is sayirical or not. That’s worryingg..

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  2. Ker-Poe!

    Funny. Although with the incoherent biblical-scale crazy rantings of the ACL industrious-bigotry complex recently – it’s hard to tell it’s a joke.
    Seriously, though, we atheists should get compensated stress money for having to tolerate bigot faither politicians.

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  3. Then why not stop penalty payments to Christians for working on Sunday (Sabbath)…the day they are meant to keep holy and free.


  4. Sorry Eric, these are Public Holidays, not religious holidays, gazetted by governments along with Australia Day and Anzac day.


  5. It’s all about perspective. Eric’s forebears were Nazis and they did their dam job rain, hail, shine and certainly snow. Do you think these patriots didn’t work on weekends. Singing beer songs while tossing hay with big spikey trident like farm tools to keep the product aerated while looking for those hidden beneath.

    I’m also sure that the non believers among us could refer to many historical events where they determine their own sacred holidays. The Day Of No Eric is a good start


  6. How about he makes the same amount of money he calls exuberant,what a typical liberal tosser some people work them days due to poverty not because they are atheists,A typical greedy liberal politician who bleeds of tax payers gets huge pay rises and all the benefits that comes with being a blood ducking parasite,but still wants to take away peoples chance of making a bit extra makes me fucking sick


  7. O dear and these idiots are in our govt . Is this a joke no one can be that stupid .


  8. Okay, so lets be practical now atheists, agnostics and polytheists will need badges/labels in order to be clearly identified. Now what does that remind you of from Nazi Germany?


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