Bronwyn Bishop Reveals That She Is A Transformer


Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bronwyn Bishop has used her farewell speech to Parliament to reveal that she is indeed a Transformer, saying: “There’s more than meets the eye.”

After her speech, she further revealed her transforming abilities by taking her parliamentary travel allowance and magically turned her car into a helicopter.

Political analysts have long suspected Ms Bishop of being a Transformer, with one Canberra insider telling The (un)Australian: “We always had our doubts about Bronnie, I mean she went from being a staunch Abbott ally to a key component in his downfall, that’s a classic Decepticon manoeuvre.

“Combine that with her obsession with helicopters and her speech and I think we have found Megatron’s deputy.”

When reached for comment, Ms Bishop said: “I’m looking forward to the next step in my career, there are Boards to be members of, Golf to be played and worlds to conquer, now has anyone seen Sam Witwicky?”

Mark Williamson

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