Crime Gangs Concerned Members May Be Consorting With Rugby League Players


Leaders of some of Sydney’s largest criminal organisations are keeping a close watch on gang members after rumours emerged that many have been seen socialising with rugby league players.

“Our blokes are simple, hard working thugs and standover men who don’t need to fall under the influence of rugby league players,” said bikie gang leader Branko Necktat. “We expect members of our organisation to show a minimum level of respect to women and to behave with decorum in public and that may be under threat if they continue to hang around with undesirable types from the NRL.”

Video footage of a recent all in brawl between two bikie gangs outside a pub have been sent to the gaming squad after rumours began circulating that the fight may have been fixed.

“We’ve been forced to hire bodyguards to keep rugby league players out of our dressing rooms,” said mafia hood Guido Horsehead. “There’s been a worrying upsurge in numbers of our crooks taking photos of themselves trying to piss in their own mouths and making lewd suggestions to dogs.”

Crime bosses have scoffed at suggestions that legal betting on the outcome of armed robberies has had anything to do with the amount of criminals being prepared to hang out with rugby league players.

Peter Green

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