Alice Springs Residents Welcome ‘Coastal Living’


Surging king tides battering Australia’s East Coast have brought the elusive Sydney Beaches one step closer to residents of the Northern Territory.

“To the people of Alice Springs, global warming couldn’t come soon enough,” says local resident Max Seeton. “We’ve got some amazing things here in Central Australia. The desert, bush, the mountains, the kangaroos – but who wouldn’t want to live that bit closer to the beach?”

Local real estate agent Derek Forshaw says the timing couldn’t be better, noting: “Market conditions in Alice have been pretty flat for a while, so news that the ‘sea change’ is coming to us is just fantastic. We’ve already seen a wave of overseas investors keen on buying up soon to be waterfront blocks, in addition to their investments in the Darwin Port and key pastoral land.”

While it’s good news for the residents of the town, the Alice Springs Town Council spokesman, Larry Sandbridge, says that opportunity of coastal living is difficult for the council to manage. “Infrastructure projects are hard to priorities in times of rapid change. For example, this year we’d budgeted $2.5million for the development of a new town swimming pool. But, now we’ll have to redirect that funding for the development of the Alice Springs Surf Lifesaving Club.”

John McBryde

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