86% Of Republicans Believe Donald Trump Will Make A Better President Than Frank Underwood


A survey from last week’s Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio shows that 86% of its members firmly believe Donald Trump will be a better president than Frank Underwood, a character from the popular Netflix TV series, House of Cards.

Bubba J. Duffy from Jackson, Mississippi says Trump is the “real deal” unlike “disrespectful” Frank Underwood. Bubba says “Where I be from, we don’t like the way President Underwood treats working-class people. Especially that man of colour that used to cook him ribs.”

Some are drawing comparisons between Mr Trump and Mr Underwood, however a spokesperson for Mr Trump said: “There are clearly differences between a man like Mr Trump and President Underwood. For example, Mr Trump would never kill a junior reporter that he was sexually active with. He may build a wall between them. But, never kill. That’s not his style.”

The remaining 14% of voters agreed that Mr Trump would make a better president than Mr Underwood, but elected former Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord as their first choice.

A response was sought from the producers of the popular TV series, Madam Secretary, however they declined to comment.

John McBride

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