Derryn Hinch Calls For Parliamentary Privilege To Cover Lynch Mobs

shame shame shame

Senator and two-time contempt of court convictee Derryn Hinch has used his maiden speech in parliament to call for parliamentary privilege to cover lynch mobs after his plans to publicly lynch a few paedophiles fell through.

“To celebrate my election to parliament I wanted to get a mob together you know pitchforks, fire, a few nooses and lynch a few sex offenders but apparently if we did that we’d face charges,” Senator Hinch told The (un)Australian.

“I mean really what’s the point of being a member of parliament if you can’t lynch people? My campaign slogan was ‘I’m Hinch and I’m here to lynch, shame, shame, shame Australia’.”

Asked to comment on public lynchings, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull initially declined to comment, believing he was being asked about the Australian Christian Lobby’s plans for the marriage equality plebiscite.

When told it was with regards to Senator Hinch, the prime minister said: “The Senate is a very broad church, I’ll talk to Derryn at some stage, maybe he could demonstrate his lynching technique to me, I’ll bring Tony Abbott along. Exciting times.”

Mark Williamson

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