“People Always Roll Their Eyes When They Agree With Me” Says Hanson


Pauline Hanson has defended rolling her eyes during Malcolm Robert’s maiden speech saying it’s a gesture that thousands of people have done when listening in agreement to her.

“For years and years whenever I’ve talked to anyone at a barbecue about my policies they’ve shown their approval by rolling their eyes back and silently agreeing with me,” said the One Nation leader. “Most people can’t wait for me to finish educating them before they edge away to spread the word to other people.”

“It must be a Queensland thing because I get that eye rolling gesture all the time, especially from scientists,” said Senator Roberts as he pointed to a nerf ball sitting still on a smooth floor as proof that the earth is flat. “I’m guessing they developed the eye roll as an alternative to yelling out “bravo bravo” because they like to keep things quiet in their sciencing sheds where the sciencing happens.”

Other silent gestures of approval that Hanson has noted from listeners in casual conversations include forced looking thin lipped smiles, deep breathy sighs, toneless humming to oneself and intense wrinkling of the skin of the forehead.

“Just the other day I got out of a cab and the cabbie immediately made this gesture to another cabbie where he twirled his finger around the side of his head just beside his ear,” said Hanson in an interview on breakfast television. “This obviously means he thinks I have many great ideas whirling around inside my head.”

Peter Green

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