“That Footy Player In The Headgear Is The Only Sensible One Out There” Declare Nation’s Mums


Australia’s mums have responded to another pulsating round of football finals action by issuing a joint statement that the bloke out there with the headgear on is the only sensible player on the field.

“See that one there, him with the thing on his head, he’s the only one with any sense,” said Turramurra mum Janice Scone as she watched Friday night’s epic NRL encounter between the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys. “If I was the coach they’d all be wearing those things on their head. And why do they have to kick it all the time?”

“That guy there with the red concussion thing on his head must be the only one listening to his girlfriend,” said Wangaratta mum Dot Pikelet from the couch while watching Saturday night’s AFL semi. “Those things should be compulsory. And don’t faff around with it, boot it down the field. And don’t pick your bugle right in front of the TV cameras.”

The nation’s mums awarded the man of the match award to the only one out there with any brains in his head. The one with the padding on his head.

“That Thurston is the smartest one out there,” said Cooktown mum Denise Beanie. “You know why? Not because he’s a good player. No, because he has that thing on his head.”

Peter Green

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