Dick Smith Launches One Nation Peanut Butter That’s Chock Full Of Nuts


Entrepreneur and aspiring bigot Dick Smith has announced that his company Dick Smith foods will launch a new line of One Nation peanut butter that like the party will be chock full of nuts.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Dick Smith talked up his latest release, saying: “When most Australians think of One Nation and their policies they say that’s nuts, so why not cash in on that?”

“You know 77 people voted for Malcolm Roberts and if we can get those 77 people to put on their tin foil hats and leave their bunkers to come out and buy a couple of thousand jars of peanut butter then we’ll be rolling in the cash.”

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson was also on the promotional trail for her parties Peanut butter and she said of the product: “At first I was sceptical of Dick, I mean Peanut butter is brown and I don’t trust anything that is brown but when Dick said it would be chock full of nuts I thought that is One Nation to a tee.”

One Nation peanut butter will hit the shelves early next year. Those wishing to buy a jar will need to provide proof of Australian residency and must also be accompanied by their carer.

Mark Williamson


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  1. I would rather he launched an M&Ms Peanut Butter clone. The real thing is too hard to get in Oz.
    J-Alice HOFLER


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