Opposition Leader Cory Bernardi Launches Scathing Attack On The Government

Cory bernardi

De Facto opposition leader Cory Bernardi, fresh off making America great again by leaving there has launched a scathing attack on the Government (of which he is a member). Labelling a potential carbon tax as, ‘the dumbest thing he has ever heard’ and calling on the Government to walk away from the Paris climate accord.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Bernardi said: “I’ve heard some dumb things in my time and said some even dumber things but talk of a carbon tax returning well that just takes the cake. When will Malcolm Turnbull realise that 77 people out of 22 million voted for Malcolm Roberts and it is time we gave those 77 people what they want.”

When reached for comment Prime Minister Turnbull responded to Senator Bernardi, saying: “Cory’s back from New York already, my doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun because Cory’s overseas.”

“Look I will take the Senator’s calls onboard and maybe we need to explore leaving Paris, we could send an envoy over there for a year or two to do some research, Senator Bernardi has a passport maybe I’ll send him.”

Labor Leader Bill Shorten would not comment on the Bernardi Turnbull stoush he simply grinned and suggested we ask George Christensen for comment.

Mark Williamson


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