Midnight Oil Accidentally Books Kevin Rudd Instead Of Xavier Rudd As Support Act



Australian rock band Midnight Oil fresh off announcing a new world tour has been left reeling today after learning that instead of booking musician Xavier Rudd as their support act they have instead booked former prime minister Kevin Rudd as an opener.

Speaking to The (un)Australian a jubilant Kevin Rudd said of his new gig: “Well, how excited must Midnight Oil be to have me, Kevin from Queensland as their opening act. I promise I will sing all my greatest hits. Songs such as ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word,’ ‘Roofs are burning’ and ‘Return of the Rudd.”

Midnight Oil lead singer Peter Garrett was dismayed to learn of the mix up, saying: “I left politics to get away from bloody Kevin, now I have to go on tour with him? Oh damn it, Ruddy oath. Maybe I can get Julia to replace him after a couple of shows.”

Midnight Oil’s world tour kicks off later this year with Kevin Rudd as support. Mr Rudd  plans on headlining the tour by early next year at the latest.

Mark Williamson


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