Trump Demands Germany Repay Cost of Making “Hogan’s Heroes”

Angela Merkel has rejected claims from Donald Trump that Germany owes the US vast sums of money to cover the costs of producing the TV show “Hogan’s Heroes”.

“This show is one of, in fact the most important docu-dramas about German history and I don’t think the American taxpayers should have had to foot the bill,” said the US President after his meeting with the German Chancellor. “They couldn’t even find a German actor to play one of their greatest wartime heroes Colonel Klink. Sad.”

“It’s a ridiculous claim that the German people should have to pay any of the costs of Hogan’s Heroes, especially since the series portrayed Sergeant Schultz as a bumbling idiot when the real life Sergeant Schultz was actually a very competent prisoner of war guard who was decorated for his part in foiling several highly elaborate escape attempts,” said Ms Merkel. “In any case a large part of the show’s budget went towards financing Bob Crane’s pervy home videos which the German people and the rest of NATO have no responsibility for.”

Trump’s claims have renewed calls from pro brexit supporters in Britain that Theresa May should be pressuring Germany to recover the costs of making “Dad’s Army” and “‘Allo ‘Allo”.

Peter Green

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  1. Hard to believe – it’s getting better ever single day!! What a moron….


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