How One Millennial Flipped The Script — And Built A House Entirely From Used Avocado Peel


It is a truth long considered incontestable: today’s younger generation can either choose to eat all the smashed avocado their greedy, youthful stomach’s’ desire, or they can choose to buy a house.

But in an inspiring example to his “brunch-obsessed” generation, one Millennial has disrupted the dominant narrative — and totally flipped the script! 26-year-old assistant sales executive from Sydney’s Manly, James McSmug has built his own home made entirely from the discarded skins of avocados!

“I was walking through Glebe in Sydney’s inner-west and the whole place was knee-deep in these used avocado peels,” McSmug explained, pointing to the extreme waste produced by the young generation’s feverish obsession with the tropical fruit that so many are addicted to consuming in its “smashed” form.

“And all these people were just walking past, not seeing the huge opportunity they were missing!”

McSmug immediately began collecting tonnes of the disposed peels and carefully weaving them into the materials needed to build his own brand new house entire from scratch.

And not only are walls and roof of McSmug’s house on the inner-North Shore harbour dark and pockmarked in the trademark “avo” style, but even the furniture inside is carved from the stones from an avocado’s centre.

“I like to think it is an example of what can be achieved with a bit of innovation and ingenuity,” McSmug said. “A lot of my generation like to complain, but I prefer to seek solutions.”

However, it is unclear how long his creative solution to the supposed “housing crisis” will stand. McSmug is facing growing complaints to the local council from nearby residents due to what they describe as the “worsening stench caused by decomposing food matter”.

McSmug’s housing solution has other critics too, with some pointing to the fact his parents own Australia’s largest avocado farm as providing a big leg up in the accumulation of avocados to use as building material.

Carlo Sands

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  1. “either chose to eat all the smashed avocado their greedy, youthful stomach’s’ desire, or they can chose to buy”
    Twice! The word is “choose”.


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