Pauline Hanson Calls On People To Start Punching Koalas

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, fresh off calling for the internment of muslims and the isolation of special needs children has today called on her fellow Australians to punch a koala in the face. Believeing that a bit of physical discipline will motivate the marsupial to get it’s act together and contribute more to society.

Speaking to The (un)Australian Senator Hanson explained her call for violence towards Koalas, saying: “I’ve recently been told that Koalas sleep on average 20 hours per day and will only eat eucalyptus leaves which are not good for them. That is pathetic, it is time for those lazy, unmotivated marsupials to start to contribute more to society than just sitting in a tree and sleeping.”

“Last Tuesday I took Senator Roberts to the zoo for his weekly outing and we stood there for six hours watching a koala sleep in a tree during the middle of the day. The lazy thing didn’t even wake up to go to the toilet, it peed on itself, pathetic. And they have chlamydia as well, until something is done about these Koalas I shall be boycotting parliament.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could not be reached for comment as his office said he’d ‘Gonski’d out for awhile.’

Mark Williamson

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4 replies

  1. Absolutly disgustin to get ppl to punch poor defenceless koalas in the face. That’s animal abuse. Ppl should punch Pauline Hanson in the face and c how she likes it. Koalas r only doin what they know.


  2. Leave proline alon she is speking four or off arse.




  4. Pourlean ain’t Bludgeon on tax pays hers


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