Donald Trump Jr Releases Email He Received From Nigerian Prince

The President of the United States of America Donald Trump’s Son aptly titled Donald Trump Jr has talked to the media and his Father, about an exciting investment opportunity that he received via email from a Nigerian Prince in exile.

An enthusiastic Donald Trump Jr talked to The (un)Australian about the opportunity, saying: “They emailed me because I’m smart and successful, just like the Russians contacted me.”

“I’m a Trump and I’m a winner. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to meet a guy about playing a game of three card monte. I someone win like $300 the other day, with my nous I’m sure to clean up.”

President Trump Sr when contacted by The (un)Australian spoke highly of his Son, saying: “He’s a good kid isn’t he? I mean smart, handsome and just with a great sense for how to make a buck.”

“You know I might put him in charge of finance or maybe he could be Secretary of State, I mean he gets on well with the Russians and now the Nigerians. What a kid.”

Mark Williamson


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