Australian Social Justice Warrior coming Soon to ABC2

Adapted from the Newtown improv game, ‘The Floor is Fascism’, contestants will have to endure five stages of fast Facebook blocking, recycling/sorting, and holding overhead placards over their heads for the longest period of time in a gruelling protest simulation.

Filmed at Sydney’s Carriageworks venue, executive producer Honey Fairtrade is excited by the unique obstacles in the show. “It starts with the easy protest simulation, and then each individual, of any persuasion, will have to cut and weave a rope from their dreadlocked hair. Then they have to tie and swing from one old train platform over to another, and leap inside a particular train carriage.

She continues, “That carriage contains the studio audience, but there will be two actors playing a minority being racially abused by another actor. The contestant has to film the injustice and upload it across all their social media platforms in the fastest time. The person with the most ‘Likes & Shares’ wins”

While ABC TV has kept its production costs down on the series, producers have bought a highly sophisticated ‘Micro-Aggression camera’ which is said to be like HotSpot or Snicko to enhance the viewer experience.

Australian Social Justice Warrior will debut this summer, and will reportedly not compete with any women’s cricket or netball telecasts.

Jonas Holt

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