Dr Who Fan Claims Not To Be Sexist But Concerned About Ethics In Gaming Journalism

Following the announcement overnight that Jodie Whittaker will be the new lead in the next Dr Who series, fans have debated online over the casting of a female as the doctor, with a vocal minority incensed over the casting.

Reginald Neckbeard, moderator of the Dr Who online forum, ‘It’s Tardis Not Tardist!’ is leading the online protests over Whittaker’s casting. Mr Neckbeard took time to speak to The (un)Australian  about his outrage: “The Dr has to be a man he always has been and he always will. This isn’t about sexism or feminism it’s about ethics in gaming journalism and Dr Who casting.”

When asked to explain what ethics in gaming journalism has to do with Dr Who, Reginald explained: “Look when I play Grand Theft Auto my character is titled Dr Who and he wears a cool cape and scarf. Now I can’t just go online and change my characters gender, now can I?

“This is upsetting me all this change, I don’t like change. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some feminist commentators online that I have to troll. I bid you adieu.”

The new series of Dr Who will air later in the year with Jodie Whittaker playing the Time Lord.

Unless a change.org petition is successful that calls for the new doctor to be played by Adam Baldwin. As of this story being published, the petition had 12 signatures.

 Mark Williamson


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