Sydney Swans Delighted To Find Missing Fans On Back Of Bandwagon

The Sydney Swans have breathed a sigh of relief after their first finals win as it coincided with them locating a group of supporters previously thought missing in action. The supporters were found sitting towards the back of the swans bandwagon.

“After round five when we were zero and five we contacted the police as ten’s of thousands of our supporters had gone missing,” said club spokesperson Sid Swan. “But it turns out they weren’t missing they just wandered off for a few weeks and came back when we started winning.”

“That winning bloods culture is something isn’t it.”

Passionate Sydney Swans fan Francis Sitter, 27 of Paddington spoke of her loyalty to the team, saying: “I remember the first game of the season and we lost and I’m like that’s not right. Then we lost again and again and again. So I took a sabbatical got back into Union and A-League and then we started winning and I remembered where my passion really was, in the members stand at the SCG.”

Sydney will play Geelong in week two of the finals with the winner to play Adelaide and the loser to go on to Mad Monday celebrations. Swans fans are reminded that in the event of an unexpected loss that the Spring racing carnival is just around the corner.     

Mark Williamson

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