Abbott Condemns North Korea For Going Nuclear Instead Of Coal

Opposition leader in waiting Tony Abbott has condemned North Korea for their use of nuclear weapons and called on the rogue State to consider an alternative, like coal.

“The World is in such a hurry to ditch good old reliable and cheap coal for all these new fangled ideas like nuclear, solar and wind,” said Mr Abbott. “So today I call on Kim Jong Un to come to the table and embrace coal.”

“I mean if he wants to destroy the world burning a tonne of coal will do just as much damage long term as a nuclear bomb.”

When pressed on whether he understood the effects of his comments Mr Abbott replied: “Oh I know what I’m doing, I’m here today to represent Australia and help rid the world of this dangerous leader Malcolm, I mean Kim Jong Un.”

When reached for comment Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said of Abbott: “It’s good that Tony is showing an interest in World affairs, maybe I should send him on a study trip to North Korea. Oh that is a splendid idea.”

Mark Williamson

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