NRL Confident That Finals Crowd Numbers Will Reach Double Figures

Following on from a disapointing turn out to week one of the finals the NRL has confidently predicted that week two of the finals will bring the crowds back and are hopeful of crowd numbers reaching double or even triple figures.

“The turn out for week one was disappointing but you know low crowds does make it easier to clean up the ground after the game,” said NRL spokesperson Ernie Seat. “Also low crowds meant there was less chance of one of the Umpire’s being lynched, so swings and roundabouts.”

When pressed on how the NRL felt watching the AFL finals series kick off to record sell out crowds the spokesperson responded: “Ah yeah I saw that they had about 95,000 people to one game could you imagine how long it took to clean up the mess they left. You would have had to pay the cleaners overtime.”

“What we lose in ticket sales we make up for in lower ground maintenance costs.”

Week two of the NRL finals kicks off on Friday night. Tickets are available online or just rock up to the gate promising to clean up after yourself and you will be let in for free.

Mark Williamson

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