ABS Confirms Postal Survey Votes Not Valid Unless Posted On Social Media

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has confirmed today that votes in the marriage equality postal survey will not be counted unless they have been posted on social media prior to being returned.

“There is no point holding this vote unless you tell everybody how you voted,” said Ian Barcode from the ABS. “I mean normally when you vote you get a sausage or a chocolate crackle but not with this postal vote. With this all you get is a couple of dozen facebook likes and maybe a comment or two.”

When asked what would happen to those who had already voted without posting their ballots on Facebook or Instagram Mr Barcode replied: “We will be offering a second ballot for those who did not post, simply post a picture of yourself looking sad or angry and tag the ABS in and we will get you another ballot sent out ASAP.”

Voters have until the end of September to return their survey and are reminded that the more likes their post gets the more times their vote will be counted.

Mark Williamson


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