Channel 9 Promises To Fix Wage Concerns By Giving Karl Stefanovic A Pay Rise

The Nine Network has reacted to the loss of Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson by promising to fix all wage disparity concerns starting immediately by raising Karl Stefanovic’s pay.

“We have heard the criticism levelled at us and we have acted. Karl will be getting a brand new contract,” said a network Spokesperson. “I mean can you believe that Karl was only receiving double what Lisa was on. He should have been on at least three times her salary.”

“I mean the poor fella could only afford one suit last year to wear on-air, that ain’t right.”

When asked how they felt Lisa Wilkinson’s defection would hurt the network the spokesperson replied: “Lisa is a great loss, an amazing talent but she’s decided to move on and I guess Channel 10 could afford to double Waleed Ali’s pay and hire Lisa.”

The (un)Australian did endeavour to try and ask the Channel 9 spokesperson about the wage gap between Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic however after half an hour of repeatedly asking the same question, the spokesperson did not see the problem.

Mark Williamson

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