Missing Microchipped Company Employee Found Safe At Dog Pound


A recently microchipped employee of an American company has been found safe and well at the local dog pound after going missing for nearly a week.

“We’d been worried sick that we’d never see Trent again after some idiot left the company gate open and he managed to slip away,” said relieved the CEO of Three Square Market, which introduced to microchip procedure for employees in July.

“Fortunately he was picked up by the dog catcher a couple of suburbs away and someone at the pound was able to check his microchip and give us a call.”

“Trent has never left the company without being on his lead before,” said Trent’s wife Beverly. “We put pictures of him up on all the telegraph poles in the neighbourhood in the hope that someone might have seen him snuffling around.”

In recent months, all employees of Three Square Markethave been encouraged to have the chips implanted, which can be used to open doors, operate office machinery and get snacks from the vending machine. It replaces a previous system where employees wore a small circular swipe on a collar around their necks.

“Unfortunately some of the other guys at the pound didn’t have implanted microchips,” said Trent after being reunited with his family. “They were taken away to live at a nice farm in the country.”

Peter Green

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  1. I’d like to live at a nice farm in the country.

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