Channel 9 To Release Commemorative Shaun Marsh Humble Pie

Fresh of his Ashes century the plaudits keep coming for West Australian batsman Shaun Marsh with news that Channel 9 will be releasing a new line of Shaun Marsh humble pie. Suitable for the Australian cricket fan who doubted the 34 year olds selection.

“Usually we go with a piece of memorabilia like a photo or a signed bat but this summer we thought we’d try something different and go with the pie,” said head of Channel 9 Cricket merchandising Sid Stump. “I mean the amount of people who whinged online about his selection and who have seemingly backflipped since he scored runs proves there will definitely be a demand for it.”

When pressed on what other lines of merchandising the network has in store for viewers Mr Stump replied: “Should the humble pie sell well we may look at “My Kid is a Future Australian Selector” bumper sticker or maybe a “In Hohns We Trust” tshirt. The possibilities are endless as long as we keep winning.”

The Shaun Marsh humble pie will be released just prior to the third test unless of course Shaun Marsh fails in the second innings. Should that occur Channel 9 will instead sell the Shaun Marsh knife set.

Mark Williamson

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