PETA Calls For Meetings To Be Renamed ‘Veggings’

Animal rights group PETA has called on companies worldwide to rethink their vernacular and consider renaming meetings ‘veggings’.

“I can’t believe in this day and age we use such a barbaric word as ‘meeting’,” said PETA spokesperson David Tofu. “I apologise for using the ‘m’ word, I hope I did not offend you.”

“It’s just I am so passionate about animals and the ‘m’ word conjures up such awful images. Like the smell of burning flesh and the sight of steak tartare. I’m sorry I have to go and have a vegging with my therapist, this is all too much.”

However, the call to rename meetings veggings has not been embraced by the business community.  A spokesperson for the Australian Chamber of Money-Making Businesses , Michael Plunder, said of the proposal: “Yeah let’s call meetings veggings and we can install a campfire in offices and all sit down and sing Kumbaya. Tell the hippies to go and get a job first then they can discuss what terms offices use.”

When The (un)Australian explained that the people raising this actually did have jobs as spokespeople for PETA, Mr Plunder said: “Hang on, you’re saying these people get paid like actual cash for coming up with ideas like calling meetings ‘veggings’? My god, you’ll have to excuse me I have an urgent mee.. ah veg… ah look I’ve got to speak to some people.”

Mark Williamson

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