Barnaby Joyce’s Unborn Son Already Working In Canavan’s Office

Barnaby Joyce has told the electorate to get over it with regards to his unborn Son being employed by his colleague Matt Canavan in an advisory role.

“Matt needed someone who knew what it was like to be an unborn child and who is better qualified that my unborn Son,” said Barnaby Joyce. “I have done nothing wrong in this situation. I didn’t hire the kid Myself I simply put in a good word for him to my colleague. What parent wouldn’t do that for their child.

“Besides he is only being paid a pittance. Two hundred grand isn’t a lot of money you know.”

When reached for comment Senator Canavan said: “With regards to hiring employees you’d need to speak to my Mother she handles all of those decisions. Do you speak Italian?”

Acting Prime Minister Mathias Cormann when asked whether Barnaby Joyce’s actions were effecting the Government like some sort of tumour replied: “It’s not a tumour.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Best thing is if he gets twins he can put the other to work in a coal mine.


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