The (un)Australian: Excited And Expanding

The (un)Australian is pleased to announce that after four successful years of covering Australian politics, we are expanding across the ditch to New Zealand having just purchased

We look forward to exploring a diverse range of issues effecting New Zealanders today, from whether Prime Minister Jacinta Arden’s recent nausea is caused by morning sickness or proximity to creepy Australian journalists, to the impact of climate change – will it lead to increased demand for chilly bins and jandals?

As well as these pressing issues, we will churn out numerous think pieces on all things New Zealand from Footrot Flats to Once Were Warriors to … Barnaby Joyce.

The (un)Australian’s new site will go live on Monday April 2nd.

You can check out our new show Decennium Horribilius at this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival. Hosted by The (un)Australian, the quiz show features teams of some of Sydney’s best comics trying to answer questions about the decade of the 1990s — with prizes for the audience.

Saturday May 5, 5.30pm. The Factory Theatre. Book tickets here.

You can follow The (un)Australian on twitter or like us on facebook.

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