Woolies Scrap Single Use Checkout Operators

Customers will have to bring their own checkout operators from home after retail giant Woolworths announced the banning of single use checkout operators.

“Fishermen kept finding our discarded checkout operators in the stomachs of sharks and dolphins, plus their gas emissions are a major contributor to the greenhouse effect,” said Woolworths head of marketing Renee Markup. “I’m encouraging our customers to purchase one of our sturdier re-usable operators instore at their next shop.”

“I had drawers full of those disposable checkout operators at home till I got Gary,” said Lane Cove shopper Beryl Trolley about her new re-usable operator. “I keep him in the boot of the car so I don’t forget to bring him.”

The move is expected to stop billions of single use checkout operators ending up as landfill every year. But not all customers are happy.

“I’ll have to keep three or four checkout operators hanging off a hook near the front door so I don’t forget to bring one with me,” said disgruntled shopper Max Barcode of Bexley. “I liked the old ones. They were good with the kids and my wife uses them to model her home made clothes.”

Peter Green

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