Bachelor Spoiler: Honey Badger To Marry Winx


News has leaked of the surprise ending to this season’s Bachelor with the reported wedding of Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins to Australia’s favourite horse Winx.

“It was a bit of a left field ending,” said a source from the set. “Winx was supposed to be a guest star in the final week but when she locked eyes on the Honey Badger it was love at first site.”

“I’ve never seen Nick happier, well at least we think he’s happy as to tell you the truth I don’t understand a word or phrase that he says.”

Channel 10 has thus far neither confirmed nor denied the marriage of Winx to the Honey Badger. Nor have they confirmed that Nick Cummins is indeed a character played by Chris Lilley.

However they did confirm that both Winx and the Bachelor will be hosting the network’s Melbourne Cup coverage this November.

Nick Cummins was unavailable for comment as he was busy horsing around.

Mark Williamson

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