Head Of Government Who Took A Week Off To Axe A Leader Tells The ABC To Do As I Say Not As I Do

morrison map

Australia’s Prime Minister for this week Scott Morrison has launched a blistering attack on the ABC. Telling it to stop focusing on itself and instead focus on doing it’s job.

“It’s time the ABC had a good hard look at itself, all this sniping, undermining and white anteing is not a good look,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “They need to take a leaf out of my book and just get on with things.”

When asked how he could be providing advice when his Government shut down Parliament for a week to deal with their turmoils the Prime Minister responded: “That wasn’t my Government that did that it was Malcolm’s call.”

“Upon further reflection I think we all know that Malcolm’s reasoning for this was probably due to the actions of Bill Shorten.”

“Maybe the ABC could reflect on this and put the blame for all that is wrong on their operation down to Bill Shorten. That’s what a good Government does.”

Mark Williamson 


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