Heroic Roosters Fan Watches Entire Grand Final With Broken Chardy Glass


The biggest secret of the NRL Grand Final has been revealed after victors the Sydney Roosters admitted that their biggest fan had inspiringly watched the entire game whilst concealing that the stem on his wine glass had snapped.

“I’d actually broken the stem in three places during the Preliminary Final against the bunnies last week,” said number one fan Brenton Trustfund, who attended three actual games this season. “I wrapped some tape around it and barracked the rest of the match with my hand supporting the bulbous bit of the glass that holds the liquid.”

Trustfund’s life coach devised a clever game watching plan to allow him to enjoy the Grand Final whilst avoiding any dangerous contact to the injured receptacle.

“We sat Brent down on a plastic chair at the back of the patio and got one of his biggest mates to block anyone who moved in to clink the glass after a try had been scored,” said Bellevue Hill life coach Sheree Kambala. “We made sure that he refilled just before and after the half time break so that jostling around the wine bottle was at a minimum.”

“He completely foxed us throughout the week with the story that there was a small crack in the side of the glass and that he may have to drink his chardonnay out of one of those big red plastic cups,” said rival Melbourne Storm fan Simon Laneway. “I tried to get to him to put the glass down and come outside to talk about house prices but he just hid himself behind the chip bowl and directed the cheering from a distance.”

Peter Green

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