Tony Abbott Tipped To Be Appointed ‘Special Envoy’ To The ABC

Abbott and Murdoch

The Morrison government will act today with regards to the chaos currently embroiling the ABC by appointing former Prime Minister Tony Abbott as a ‘Special Envoy’ to the beleaguered broadcaster.

“The public does not want to hear from the ABC,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “Unless of course it’s broadcasting Peppa Pig or other cartoons like Q&A.”

“Tony will do a great job of bringing the national broadcaster back into line.”

When reached for comment on his new role Mr Abbott said: “I will do what is necessary to ensure that the ABC is toeing the company line. Now if I have to I will shirtfront some people whether it be Mr Squiggle or even that pesky little owl Hoot.”

“When I’m finished with the ABC people will look forward to watching it whether it be shows like 4 Corners which going forward will be known as 2 Corners both on the right hand side.”

“As well I will be the new host of Q&A and the show will simply be known as T&A, people will flock to that.”

Mark Williamson

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