“Smallest Budget Deficit In A Decade Proof That Turnbull Had To Go” – Scott Morrison

turnbull morrison

Australia’s current Prime Minister Scott Morrison or #ScoMo as he likes to be referred to has said that the latest budget results showing that the Government is on track to deliver the smallest deficit in a decade is proof that former PM Malcolm Turnbull had to go.

“Look we can’t be a Government that delivers a strong economy with jobs and growth,” said Prime Minister Morrison. “If we did that what would be able to blame on Bill Shorten and Labor.”

“Australian’s don’t like Bill Shorten so our strategy to stay in power is to blame everything under and including the sun on Bill Shorten and Labor.”

When asked whether he expected this strategy to work Mr Morrison replied: “Has so far, I mean we have knifed two sitting PM’s and almost put Peter Dutton in the top job and Bill is still not the preferred PM.”

“Australians area funny lot.”

Mark Williamson 


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