NSW Premier Orders Opera House Bistro To Start Serving Horse Meat


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has ordered the management of the Sydney Opera House Bistro to add horse meat to the menu.

Her decision comes after she read shock jock Alan Jones’ latest cook book. “Horse meat is delicious or so Alan has told me,” said the Premier. “And what a chance to cross promote the Everest horse race.

“People can travel to Sydney bet on a horse race, then eat the losing horse the next day. Can’t do that in Melbourne.”

On whether Mr Jones had too much influence over her, the Premier replied: “Absolutely not. It’s not as though Mr Jones says jump and I say how high. It’s just that sometimes I feel like jumping and Alan always seems to know when I need to jump.”

Mr Jones could not be reached for cashless comment.

Mark Williamson

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