Sydney Faces Crash In Conversations About Housing Prices


The amount of conversations about housing prices reached a 10-year low at barbecues all around Sydney on the weekend, a sign that the housing conversation boom may be over.

“Spring is usually the peak time for wankers to boast about how good a return they’ve been getting on their investment properties,” reported chief chit chat analyst Steve Prattle from Deloittes. “Even after adjusting for seasonal factors such as talk about the Wentworth by-election and whether the Honey Badger should have picked at least someone, clearances of incredulous blather about the price for a two bedder in Minto was down by 34%.”

The figures have brought some relief for young talkers eager to get into the conversation but without even a horror story about getting beaten at an auction to contribute to the general ebb and flow of blather.

Experts are urging caution about suggestions that housing conversations will fall back down to 1980s levels, where most social interactions revolved around cricket, the latest fashion in flouro shirts with “Choose Life” written on them and Bob Hawke imitations.

“We’ll probably never see a return to the 1985 peak year where 45% of conversation was about which characters would be making a comeback in the next Police Academy movie,” said conversation developer Celia Yakitty. “I think we may see a correction in the water cooler conversation market with more people willing to start a dialogue about what schools to send the kids to and how satisfied they are with their spoodle.”

Peter Green

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