Joyce Assures Colleagues That His Fishing With Dynamite Trip Had Nothing To Do With Mass Fish Deaths In The Murray-Darling


Special envoy for the drought Barnaby Joyce has taken the time to ring his colleagues to assure them that his holiday fishing with dynamite trip on the Murray-Darling had nothing to do with the million or so fish deaths that were reported.

“Look I admit the timing of my fishing trip wasn’t ideal and maybe using dynamite instead of a fishing rod wasn’t the best option but those deaths were not on me,” said Special Envoy Joyce. “I mean don’t get me wrong I did catch a few hundred thousand fish but they were mostly carp.”

“And as a responsible fisherman every carp I caught, I personally infected it with herpes and threw it back in the river.”

When asked why he felt fishing with dynamite was the best way to fish Barnaby Joyce replied: “I’m a busy families man and I wanted to take my Son fishing but I didn’t have all day. So why wait around with a fishing pole when dynamite does the job quicker.”

“Throwing sticks of dynamite around has worked so well for me in parliament so why wouldn’t it work for me when fishing.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. I think Barnaby missed a trick here. He should advocate moving all the water in the Murray Darling basin into his electorate. It worked for APVMA so it should work for the cotton growers in his electorate.


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