World’s Men Celebrate “International Let’s Make This All About Us Day”


Men from all four corners of the globe have awoken today excited by the prospect of celebrating another International Let’s Make This All About Us Day.

“This is our one day of the year where all the good men are allowed to gather together in sheds, front bars and locker rooms and squeal like stuck pigs,” said Lugarno good man Phil Housebrick. “I’m all pumped for the traditional mass dawn tweet of “Why Isn’t There An International Mens Day” followed by the solemn “We All Die Young From Doing All The Shit Jobs And Having To Kill All The Spiders” service.”

Equally charged up over today’s proceedings is the International Fellowship Of Slightly Creepy Guys Who Wear Their Feminism A Bit Too Prominently On Their Sleeves To Probably Cover Up Something Unpleasant About Themselves.

“March the 8th is a massive day on the calendar for us dudes who suspiciously go out of our way to appear enthused about that remake of Ghostbusters with all the dames in it,” said Rozelle skivvy wearer Bert Chailatte. “I’ll be spending all morning posting ostentatiously about how good Captain Marvel is thence spending the afternoon getting that AVO against me quietly sorted out.”

The rest of the worlds men will spend Friday conserving their energy for the actual International Men’s Day, observed as always on March the 10th in honour of Chuck Norris’s birthday.

Peter Green

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  1. Reblogged this on 1Petermcc's Blog and commented:
    International Women’s day is always accompanied by whining snowflakes so lets hang it on them to increase their agony. 😉


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