Senator Fraser Anning Calls For A National Egg Buy Back Scheme

Fraser Anning

Australian Senator (sic) Fraser Anning has called on the Federal Government to take action on the increasing number of eggings that are occurring to him and enact a national egg buyback scheme.

“Look it’s just not safe anymore for a middle-aged white man to tweet his hateful thoughts on other religions and then hang out with his mates to further heap crap on them without some leftie going them with an egg,” said the Senator who was talking to The (un)Australian behind the safety of an egg proof screen.

“I am a white privileged male it’s time this country started looking out for me not others.”

When asked whether he felt any remorse for his words or actions Senator (sic) Anning replied: “I do, of course, I mean I’m disappointed that the egg hit my head. I’m also disappointed that I didn’t have a knife or gun to protect myself. This is why we need to restrict the sales of eggs to those over 40 who are white and right-leaning.”

“Otherwise people could get hurt, embarrassed or worse left with egg on their face.”

Mark Williamson

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