Guy Who Hasn’t Changed His Bong Water For 6 Years Worried The Chemicals In Detergent Are Poisoning Him

sad man window

Shayne Fraser, a 38-year-old part-time IT consultant from Byron, has real concerns about whether the chemicals they put in everyday cleaning products like dish washing detergent are poisoning us all.

“I dunno man, I just don’t trust that shit,” Mr Fraser told The (un)Australian as he pulled another cone from a bong filled with pitch-black water that hadn’t been changed in six years, or ever seen any cleaning or sanitising products.

“Christ knows what they put in it, but I reckon it’s making us sick for sure,” he added before collapsing on his couch in a full-scale coughing fit that lasts five minutes.

When he finally recovered, a thoughtful Mr Fraser offered, “It’s like sunscreen. They say it protects you but I read this thing on Facebook that said it actually gives you cancer,” as he lent forward to roll a smoke from the pack of white ox on the coffee table.

Carlo Sands

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